Senior Administrative Assistant Application

Welcome! This is your personal Grant Street Group recruitment portal. Please complete each of the steps below in order to submit your application. We automatically save your progress after each step so you have the option of completing this process in multiple sittings.

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Step 2 - Why do you want to work with us?
Tell us what interests you about this opportunity through a short video or written response.

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Step 3 - Complete a writing exercise
After reviewing Steps 1 & 2 of your application, we'll reach out to you if we think there's potential for a fit and have you complete this next step. However, you don't have to wait for us! You're welcome to complete our exercise now - it's a great way to make your application stand out and it sends it to the top of our list. We firmly believe that you're more than just a resume, and we want to provide a way for you to show us what you can do. This writing sample will let you show off your writing skills and tell us about something you've worked on in the past. It is strongly advised to take the entire 60 minutes to submit the best writing sample possible.